Request an Editor

The Hiring Process

Please e-mail with "Editor Request" in the subject line and the following information:

  • Editor(s) in order of preference,
  • Editorial Service desired,
  • Brief Cover Letter (300 words max) summarizing your manuscript and goals for the book,
  • Manuscript Sample (3,000 words max, double-spaced, electronic format), and
  • Accurate Word Count of the entire manuscript.

Your preferred editor(s) will review your materials within a few days. Not every manuscript will be accepted by our editors. If an agreed editorial match is made, you will be invoiced for the requested editorial service along with an estimated time of completion. Credit card payments will include a 5% processing fee.

The Editorial Process

The editor will perform the contracted editorial services as close to the projected deadline as possible. See Terms of Service below.

Once the work is complete, editorial feedback will be returned in electronic format with anticipated commentary and notation.

One or two rounds of questions may be possible in order to clarify the provided feedback. Editing/Review of further revisions to the manuscript may only be accomplished through a new editorial contract.

Terms of Service

Editors will sincerely work to improve your manuscript. The deadline for returning editorial feedback is only a projection, although most editing will be completed within 30 days. Editing requires a significant effort, involving skill, experience, and subjective thought. There will be no refunds, including but not limited to reasons of philosophical disagreement with the feedback provided. An editor will take reasonable care while in possession of a manuscript. We strongly encourage manuscripts in digital format and will not be responsible for manuscripts lost during shipment.

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